You're More Than the Scale

So often we get into our own head and trapped around the number on the scale, we let it define us, we compare it to someone else, we have the idea that people judge us or won't accept us the same based on that number, when, in all reality, no one cares. Have you ever met someone and just asked them what their weight was to determine your thoughts of them? No? Exactly.

There is so much more to celebrate off the scale, and freeing yourself from being attached to that number is amazing.

Successes that happen off the scale to for you to celebrate:

  • Clothes fit better and you feel better in them, or maybe you get to go out and buy new ones!

  • Fewer cravings

  • Improved hair, skin, and nails

  • More energy throughout the day

  • Better quality sleep

  • Less bloat

  • Healthier choices come easier

  • Better mood

  • Maybe those headaches go away

Don’t forget all these intangible victories that come along with simply drinking more water!

What successes have you celebrated lately?!

💜, jaci

All my clients go through a signs and symptoms questionnaire that we revisit ever few months so we can continue to check their progress off the scale.If you’re tired of feeling crappy day in and day out shoot me a message and I’d love to help with some lifestyle changes to make you feel like a new you!

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