You Don't Have to Go All in All the Time

Your health & fitness doesn’t have to be all or nothing; let it be all or something.

I love this.

So many times we get into an all or nothing mindset.

Either I’m eating 💯 and working out every day or I’m eating all the food and sitting my ass on the couch.

Eat breakfast Monday morning, then get that workout in on Tuesday, maybe by Wednesday you want to try yoga, and then Thursday you accidentally oversleep and go through the drive-thru for lunch, and have a brownie for dinner. Now, you're feeling terrible and want to say screw it, I'll start over Monday. DON'T WAIT AGAIN! You can still get up Friday and win the day!

I know I have my days, especially now with not having as structured days, where I sleep in Wednesday morning and drive-thru for an iced latte, maybe binge some Netflix all afternoon, throw in a load of laundry, take the dog on a short walk, scroll through Insta, order pizza for dinner, and watch a movie before going to bed.

Ask me how I feel Friday morning.


Like trash.

All I want to do is lay around again. BUT, I get up, go on a walk or run, listen to a killer podcast that sets the mood for my day, whether it's motivation, new information, or just pop culture and makes me laugh. My day is already off to an awesome start so I make breakfast or a killer protein shake and some iced coffee at home. Get in some work, walk the dog, do an afternoon workout, more cleaning and work, then make a killer dinner for me and the hubs (maybe...) and this was all on a Friday because I didn't wait until Monday!

Don't get me wrong, it won't just be all killer days like that Friday going forward. I'll have Thursday's in there, but maybe they won't involve pizza, I'll make dinner instead.

Plus, a little Netflix binge day is good for the soul in my opinion, or at least something that gets your mind off of whatever else you have going on (go on walks, listen to music, read, color) and I almost always recommend comedies for people! Life is already stressful enough, don't keep it rolling when you get home with too much drama and suspense every single day. I just got exhausted and stressed thinking about doing that everyday. Rest and relaxation is so important in your health and wellness.

Now is the time to focus on your health and how important and valuable it really is. And it doesn’t have to be anything crazy! Go on a walk, eat breakfast, stop eating dessert every night, add some veggies to your meals, catch up on sleep, stretch, invest in yourself!

What have you been working on lately to invest in yourself?

💜, jaci

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