You are what you every form

Your health has to do with everything your body takes in.

Whether it be vegetables, chocolate, the news, sunshine, social media, fresh air, reality TV, podcasts, music, cheese, water, you decide what you take in.

(I think this was from the first time I went out to visit one of my best friends in California, also my first time to the ocean..think circa 2014. I've been day dreaming every day lately about being back there...)

It's overwhelming making food choices, and there is an impact on what we see when we scroll through social media and it can make you feel crappy, or have you ever watched some reality TV or some dramatic show all day and then feel kind of crabby and bitchy (like, idk, how the characters act in the show) after?


But there's also the opposite, eating a well-balanced meal, having some time outdoors, or have you ever listened to a solid podcast that really got you motivated to change?

Same, girl.

You choose who you follow, you choose what you eat and drink, you choose to open up your phone and check social; it’s not always easy to choose something different and many times we have overpowering thoughts, but just know you are strong enough to choose something different today.

Really try to take a step back and observe your life. Take note of how you feel after you go through certain motions of your day. Are you happier after watching that show? Do you feel worse after looking through Instagram? Once you start to note more of those things, see if there is room for change and if you're ready for it. It isn't always easy to comes to terms with. (Let me tell you, I still love pizza although sometimes I feel terrible).

I have found so much peace in changing who I follow on social media. I'm not sitting and dwelling on if I'm doing enough or why I'm not more like someone else. Such a small thing makes such a huge difference in the quality of life we live. Since I've had extra time I spend at least an hour outdoors every morning and it has been amazing. Just getting that much fresh air and sunshine (and sometimes rained on) every day changes how I feel the rest of the day. I also try to reflect on my food. Is this going to make me feel better? Get me to goals? Be satisfying? Will I feel terrible or regretful after? Does it even taste good?

My next goal is journaling in the morning before that walk.

You’re strong enough to make it through the workout, to say no to the pizza and choose the home-cooked meal, YOU are capable and don’t let anyone, especially yourself, get that twisted. Make sure what you are taking in is fun and brings you joy and value to your life.

Have you ever made a change to what you intake? Whether it be news, music, social media? What did you do? I want to hear all your recommendations! Podcasts, good shows, activities, all the goods!

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