Why I'm here...

Listen, I’m not here to be the grammar police and I won’t even start to pretend like I know how any of this is going to go. I just hope to reach at least one person and help you through your journey, whether that has to do with your body, food, mentality, feeling like a normal person, just something.

I have always loved to help people and have had such a hard time feeling so stuck with not knowing to to get my voice out there for other people to hear and relate. After being trapped inside and having plenty of time to think, take lots of morning walks, and listen to so many podcast episodes from the past and present, I landed here! What better place, outside your basic social media to connect then a blog?! I give big thanks to The Skinny Confidential on allowing myself to branch out without regret, and hopefully do it wisely.

I know the struggles of having people around who want to order the pizza and you’re almost the bad guy when you say no or want to order something else instead; why is the thought of taking care of myself turned into a crime? So, then you eat the pizza and feel the regret.

What I want you to know, is I'm here. I get it. I want this to be a space we can all relate to it.

I want to be real and be transparent. I get anxiety. I love coffee. I love The Office. I also love ice cream and chocolate. I don't mind spending my weekends just sitting at home with my husband and dog, Cooper. I am also usually pretty awkward. But, it's me and I'm here making it one day at a time and hope to help you know you aren't alone and the struggle is real. #relateable is my goal.

💜, jaci

S/O my husband for taking this photo, xo

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