We Got Tested

I thought I would share my experience as we (my husband and myself) wait for the results. I figured I haven’t really heard a ton of details from others so I’ll share mine!

After being near someone who tested positive we thought we should find out where to get tested. We were in our apartment living room with them, kind of distanced, but we don’t want to be putting others at risk.

We saw him Thursday and got the confirmation text from him Saturday morning.

See ya 4th if July plans and hello to a bunch of dip, ice, alcohol, liquor popsicles, and puppy chow that was for the small party we were headed to but now all for us stuck at home and my goals - don't love that.

So, Saturday afternoon we start finding somewhere to get an appointment for a test. The CVS drive-thru on Sunday afternoon is what we found so we didn’t have to wait until like Tuesday through the state‘s testing. We make our appointment for Sunday afternoon for 2:50 & 3:10, we get confirmation texts and emails with what to do.

Now we wait....

Sunday afternoon rolls around.

Naturally, I'm making a late lunch, it was an open-face sandwich because I know you were wondering. Apparently, I have no concept of time sometimes because we needed to get going once I was about to sit down and eat, so I took it on the road with us!

We head out, masks on, to the CVS drive-thru lane, a little early (like ten minutes early) but no one was in line, so we drive right up.

My husband shows our appointment confirmations and she gathers our kits.

The woman inside explains the whole process to us and walks us through everything in the kit. She labels the bags and gives us our kits through the little drawer.

We open up our labeled brown bags and take out all the instructions in a sealed bag, swab, tube, and baggie with a Clorox wipe. We open up and get the instructions opened and set up. We grab the sealed swab and open it up.

Tilt our heads back and insert the swab in the first nostril and hold it there while the woman counts to 15. I'm like crying at this point. It's not a pain but more like really needing to sneeze or getting hit in the nose.

I gather myself and we go for the other nostril. She counts to 15 again. Finally we pull the swab out, this side felt congested and like i was pulling out snot on the swab, there wasn't, but it just very much felt like it, ew.

Now that that's over, we break off the handle, and put it in the tube and tighten the lid back on and put the tube in the secure bag. She warns us it has been taking up to eight days to get results back (yikes) and that we will have an activation email for our account that the results will be sent to. My husband dries forward to put the bags into the box and uses the Clorox wipe to clean the outside of the box and toss it back into the baggie it came it and we are on our way.

We drive away both still crying because it just triggers your eyes to water so much. I wouldn't say there was any pain really, just very uncomfortable and difficult to allow yourself to tolerate. We seriously had tears running down our face.

The whole thing only took about ten minutes or so and I'm glad we did it and it's over.

Now to wait for our results.

In the meantime I'm not allowed to work for two weeks, regardless of results. I'll be here hopefully adding a few more posts for us all to enjoy! ( ;

Have you gotten the test done? I would love to hear about your experience!

I hope you’re staying safe, happy, and healthy.

💜, jaci

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