Tongue Scraping

I heard about this forever ago and the finally decided to find a tongue scraper online and order it.

As I was searching online, I wasn't totally sure what kind I was looking for, or if it even mattered. I finally settled for one like this.

What I knew for sure was that I didn't want one made of plastic, no weird chemicals trying to clean my tongue here. There are so many metal ones out there, and always be sure to wash it before your first use and after each use.

I know most toothbrushes have a little area on the back that textured that serves this type of purpose as well. Personally, any time I have used that it has never gotten my tongue as clean as actual tongue scraping does. One study did find that tongue scraping removed 30% more bacteria from the tongue as opposed to just using your toothbrush.


Tongue scraping isn't only helpful when it comes to preventing bad breath; it can also improve your taste since there isn't that coating sitting on it. As well as making your tongue look better; have you ever noticed someone's tongue and it has an unhygienic look from a coating over it? We don't want that. Removing that bacteria can also help fight cavities, tooth decay, gum disease and other oral conditions.

Timing is key

I use mine first thing in the morning after I brush my teeth.

It's important to do in the morning; overnight our body processes everything we ingested during the day; this can cause a build up of bacteria on the tongue. You might notice a thick, white coating on your tongue in the morning, that's what we're working on getting off. While some may be good bacteria, there are also toxins that have been sitting there and scraping helps remove them before they're reabsorbed again.

You can use this throughout the day and at night as well. During the day it may be helpful, but not fully proven, to fight some cravings after meals. It gives you time to allow your meal to settle to see if you're still hungry as well as remove bacteria that could drive those sweets cravings after meals. Plus, it helps keep your breath a little fresher after a meal without as much (artificially) sugary gum to fight it.

How to

Always be sure to wash your tongue scraper, when you first get it and before and after use.

Start at the back of your tongue and pull forward, rinse, repeat as needed over tongue's surface.

And that's it! Super quick, easy, and effective! It might be helpful to start in the middle of the tongue and not back too far to prevent gagging when you first start.

While it's still very important to maintain good oral hygiene through brushing your teeth and flossing, adding tongue scraping to the routine helps remove bacteria from your tongue that can cause bad breath and when you drink water it works its way into your digestive tract as well as it can help remove enzymes that can cause cravings after a meal. Ever want some dessert, chocolate after your meal even though you just ate a balanced, filling meal. Oh, is that just me...whoops.

I hope if you're already tongue scraping this reminds you to keep it up and if not, I hope you explore it and give it a shot!

Keep in mind, this doesn't replace brushing your teeth or flossing, just adds to the routine.

Always be careful to not scrape too hard because it could damage your taste buds; we don't want food to not be tasting amazing!

💜, jaci

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