The Results Are In

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

In case you're sitting there wondering, what the heck is the follow up to We Got Tested?!

All good news here, we don't have symptoms and it came back negative!

The person we were in contact with so far hasn't infected anyone else and has only had very mild symptoms. So, things are pretty good here!

It only ended up taking two days to get the results and not the eight days we were told at the CVS, so that made it easier to relax a little!

However, I haven't been able to return to work as a precautionary measure. I have gotten to spend so much time cleaning, organizing, getting outside and active, and just doing somewhat of nothing.

Sometimes I start to feel guilty that I'm not doing more in the moment since I have time but this is the only time I'll actually have this time so I'm taking advantage to relax a little!

It’s ok to slow down.

It’s ok to sleep in.

It’s ok to take time to yourself.

These shouldn’t be things that fill us with guilt.

We should celebrate and let it happen more often.

Have you felt guilty or like you should do more lately?

What have you done for yourself?

💜, jaci

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