The Most Amazing Pizza

Ok, so I decided one night when I would be home alone to make myself a pizza.

I had gotten a cauliflower crust from the store to try and some veggies to load on top of it, and then I fell in love.

You can totally alter some of these toppings: add others, leave off some. Regardless, you'll love it!

Building Your Amazing Pizza

Cauliflower crust or crust of choice. Mine is Fresh Thyme's store brand cauliflower crust.

Sauce - Rao's marinara sauce is my new favorite. All natrual ingredients and tons of flavor. Check it out here and thank me later.

Red peppers - cut into strips

Mushrooms - cut or tear into chunks

Artichoke hearts - I just get a kind in a jar that doesn't have too much added in with it and rip them into piece and toss all around

Spinach - toss and load it on top, don't worry, it'll cook down

Cheese - I use dollops of La Terra Fina artichoke dip and Oh. M. G. I don't do much diary so I don't add shredded cheese all over the top, but using this dip around the pizza is magic.

Grill for about 5 minutes or bake as directed on package

Cut and let cool


Do you have a favorite pizza recipe for at home?

You will not regret trying this one!

You get to pick how much of each is on there and there's no regrets or gross feelings from the delivery places because it's so many vegetables on a pizza! ( ;

💜, jaci

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