On the Road

We're hitting the road to help some of our friends move down to Texas. 12 hours in the car just me and my husband, should be a fun time! ; )

I'm really not focused on how long the drive is but how much time I'll get to chat and laugh with him because we're pretty entertaining. Although I’m unsure how pumped he is for that.

I am a chronic over-packer. You bet I packed wayyy too much to be in the car 2 days and down there for 2 days, but I’ll be prepared. I’m also going from 55-70 degree weather to 95... whew! So, obviously I needed all the options plus some skincare.

Also, I’m very clearly prepared with all the snacks! I’m not about to slow down to stop and grab food or try to find a place with something I‘d like (I’m pretty picky when it comes eating out, especially drive-thru). My husband thinks it’s all excessive, but hey, we won’t be hungry or regret not having anything.

Don‘t worry, we had beverages and more food from the fridge that went into the cooler. ( ; I’ve been posting my “meals”, more like snacks throughout the day, on inst as we‘re going if you want to check that out

What are your go-to travel essentials?

💜, jaci

p.s. This is my first post I’m doing from my phone without looking it over on my computer. Here’s to hoping to looks good and makes sense!

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