Lunchtime Salad Basics

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Let's get into lunch and keeping it tasty, easy, and nutritious. Although, this could work for dinner as well! This is just my main go-to lunch. It's quick and doesn't require much, plus you mix it up however you'd like!

Get ready to get creative and get a little healthier! There's no excuse to not be able to eat healthy. You can make this so quick, affordably, and so pleasing to your taste buds.

Believe me, I never used to be a fan of many vegetables.

Mixed greens? No thanks.

Avocado? Blech.

Tomatoes? Not into them.

Cabbage? Peppers? I'm good.

A salad without cheese and croutons? Pass.

At some point we all have to grow up and try foods again and in a new fashion. I've learned to cook so much better and love and appreciate so many nourishing foods. They add so much flavor, texture, and make my body feel so much better.

The Base Ingredients

3 cups Mixed Greens (I love Fresh Thyme's $5 giant Half & Half mix that lasts me all week, but any greens will work!)

1/2 Avocado (This adds healthy fats to fill you up and makes the whole salad creamier so allll the dressing ins't needed!)

5-10 Grape or Cherry Tomatoes, halved (I honestly can't tell the difference, they add some extra flavor and texture!)

Mix it up

1. Salmon: I love Sea Cuisine's Honey Chipotle Salmon. I also love just having baked salmon ready to go in the fridge to toss on it.

2. Avocado Toast: So tasty for some carbs on the side. I love Base Culture gluten-free bread.

3. Tuna Packet: You can do plain, packed in water, or mix it up with all the flavors they have! You can probably guess I like the sweet and spicy ones. ( ;

4. Rice Cakes: Nice little carb on the side. Toss some tahini or natural peanut butter on it too. Yum!

5. Hard Boiled Eggs: Always an easy add! Have them ready in the fridge and toss on!

6. More Veggies: Toss on some cucumbers, onions, celery, carrots, peppers, olives, cabbage, or anything else you'd like!

7. Dressing: Keep it light and keep it natural. I love the brands Primal Kitchen, Siete, and Tessemae's.

8. Anything else you'd like! Nitrate-free lunch meats, leftover chicken, seasonings, feta cheese, chickpeas, sliced almonds, and whatever else, toss it on there!

I have been loving mixing up and tossing together some salads. A nice, light, refreshing salad on these hot summer days right now. Allow yourself to get creative and try new things. I promise your body will love you back. <3

What's your go-to salad?

💜, jaci

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