Local Love: Holly's Healthy Holes

I love the idea of all small businesses and might try to own my own one day with my husband, but for now we do what we can to shop and support small, local businesses. I stumbled upon Holly's Healthy Holes in a coffee shop one day and I'm obsessed!

They are gluten-free protein donuts made with all natural ingredients. She has the original flavors and then seaonal ones that switch out.

Currently have a stock in the fridge of a combo: lemon chia, peanut butter cup, and maple glaze. I'm legit set for whatever sounds good.

They also come in a couple vegan flavors: snicker doodle, chocolate date night, and cookie dough.

I use them now as a snack during the day, something to grab and go when I'm in a hurry, or as a treat at night so I'm not eating cookies and ice cream.

You can order from her website if you're local and she does delivery or you can pick from a variety of locations. You can also check out a local coffee shop or business that also carries them! She has all the details listed on the website and it's super simple.

She posts extra flavors she has in store for that day on insta so you gotta get them while they're hot!

💜, jaci

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