It's About the Pasta

If you're into reality TV, specifically Vanderpump Rules, you'll get that title. ; ) If not, you can go binge watch it on Hulu right now, I promise you'll be entertained, I even got my husband to watch.

We all love of certain go-to comfort foods, many times being totally loaded with carbs and additives and who knows what else. And I can relate, totally in the same boat, sometimes I just want a big ol bowl of mac and cheese, but then resist, usually. The struggle is real #relatable.

Look no further for your pasta game upgrade. We've got pasta, we've got veggies, we've got protein, we've got your greens, and we don't as many extra carbs and bloated feeling after.

First thing is to choose the type of pasta you want. I like the Ancient Harvest brand, POW! (new packaging since post). The biggest thing to check is the ingredients of whatever you choose to make sure there isn't a bunch of added gums or fillers. For example, the lentil pasta I purchase has green lentil flour and organic quinoa flour. That's it. Also, check your cooking instructions, many of the plant based pastas cook faster and no one wants a pile of mush.

Ingredients for 1:

Lentil pasta

4 baby bella mushrooms or 1 portobello mushroom – diced

10 or so cherry or grape tomatoes – halved

1 cup greens (the more the better though!) spinach/kale/greens – torn up

Olive oil

Optional: Shaved Parmesan to put on top

(I also like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, or a salad on the side with this meal)


1. Cook pasta (it cooks faster than usual, read the box for reference)

*I like to prep the pasta earlier in the day or week to just have on hand to throw this together whenever

2. Heat a skillet on medium heat with a little bit on olive oil

3. Toss in about a 1/2-1 cup of pasta, mushrooms, tomatoes, and spinach

4. Cook on low to medium heat until spinach is cooked down

5. Toss into a bowl and top with a little bit of olive oil & Parmesan if you like and enjoy!

I really think the texture and taste of these noodles is just fine, I know some picky people out there just can tell when things aren't what they think they want, so I'll make my husband his own batch of noodles as well.

I hope you enjoy and add your own twists to this!

BRB while I go back this for dinner...again..

💜, jaci

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