Health Goals: The Journey, Not the Destination

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Your health is about the journey not the destination.

I know I always have highs and lows and it always feels like a struggle.

I used to, and still do, dwell on an end result.

Getting to x weight or lift so much or fit into whatever size.

Also, what will thinking of the end result get you if you aren't taking the active action to get to what you think it might be?

Guess what? It doesn't end.

When you get to that place you want to be so bad, then what? You can't just stop what you're doing and stay that way forever. Will you even be happy when you get there?

I've sat there and thought to myself about how I want to be super on with my workouts and food and then think about how we have gatherings or that ice cream that's in the freezer and that my workout will just be extra hard or my diet will be extra clean and then somehow I'm sitting there with the giant bowl and it has chocolate chips on top.

Once I finish that bowl, I am filled with regret and can't just take it back, so I try to forget it and move forward. And then maybe the next morning I wake up and still have some regret and am kicking myself but eventually I forget about it and move on.

It happen. Move on, Jaci. Although I do work on making it a learning experience, I know it will happen again.

I'm currently working on my mindset and finding joy and loving the process of making nourishing foods, enjoying nature on morning walks, moving my body through workouts, finding ways of self care that works with my mindset as well.

I know I can let my workouts and food rule my life; it becomes obsessive.

What am I going to eat when? And is this good for me? Do I care? I think I'd just rather have some chocolate.

The goal is to slow down, write down what I'm making for my meals for the week, buy those groceries, and stick to it.

I don't have to worry about what I'll be throwing together. I have what I need, I know what I'm making and that it will be delicious, filling, and nourishing and allow that worry to hopefully go away. (I'll report back in a week or two). I'm hoping this brings creative meals and less energy and worry into food and more positive energy in the things that bring me joy (this blog, my family, learning new skills).

I hope this brings some insight and relatability to the journey and not just the destination. We're here to enjoy the continuous ride, not beat ourselves up along the way.

I'm off to the store to get those groceries.

💜, jaci

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