Grilled Salmon for Every Meal

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

I get asked often how I make my salmon. I never post much about it because it's really nothing special. I'm not into making it pretty or dainty with a little lemon. I love a little kick to all my meals, salmon included.

I love having salmon as a go-to lunch or dinner during the week.

Super simple to throw on a salad (my favorite), have it with some broccoli and sweet potato, or with some green beans and air crisped cauliflower (like I did tonight from leftovers). ( ;


Salmon fillet

Options for toppings/flavor:

Trader Joe's Chili Onion Crunch and Minced Garlic

Local Honey with a Kick - I like Fat Head Farms Killer Bee Honey (check them out, I promise you won't regret it)

Anything else you like to flavor with!



Preheat oven or grill

I like our Ninja Foodi Grill

This thing is a life-saver in an apartment. We can't grill and trying to do anything similar inside makes it so hot and smokey (hello smoke detectors every time). This thing not only grills, but air crisps, dehydrates, roasts, and bakes! It cooks everything so fast too. It cycles out the smoke while you're cooking so hello no more smoke alarm and waving towels around like crazy people!


Cut up the salmon

I like to do 3-4 ounce pieces

Hot damn I'm good. ( ;


Add your flavor toppings.

I like to spread on some minced garlic and chili onion crunch or my favorite is drizzling on the Killer Bee Honey. Ok, I'm drooling.

Up Next,


Bake or grill for about 9 minutes or so until done to your liking.

I like to eat my grilled salmon with skin on, sometimes I'll cut it off my baked salmon.

You do you though.



I mean that looks amazing right?!

How do you love your salmon?

💜, jaci

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