The Best Brunch You'll Have...I'm not kidding

I freaking love brunch. It's my all time favorite and I slay at making meals for it.

This can obviously work for breakfast as well, or any time of day you want to eat it because I think you should be able to eat eggs for lunch and ground beef for breakfast if that's what you want.

Breakfast itself is such an overlooked meal of the day but can be such a game changer.

When you start your day with good choices it helps set up the stage for the rest of the day.

Start with a good breakfast and your blood sugar can stay more sustained throughout the day (holla, no crashes!) and you just feel about making a good choice so it can encourage more good choices throughout you day!

Breakfast can be such an easy way to throw some veggies into your day right from the start. They add so much more flavor, or be sneaky and do things like mushrooms and spinach that cook down and almost disappear into it!

Ingredients for 1

Switch this up however you like, change the veggies and toppings (do onions, tomatoes, cheese, salsa, black beans, potatoes, anything you'd like!), get rid of the sausage or bacon, try it this way once and then mix it up going forward if you want!

  • 2 Eggs

  • 4 small mushrooms - diced

  • 3 sweet peppers - chopped

  • 2 sausage patties - or bacon (optional, I've done it with meat and without)

  • 1 cup spinach - torn up

  • Siete Tortilla (must heat)

  • Half avocado - diced

  • Banana peppers - diced

  • Tessemae's Habanero Ranch


I'm not a pro at writing instructions, you kind of just get in the kitchen and buckle down to what you're doing without thinking of all the little steps - hopefully there is no confusion!

  • Cook your bacon or sausage and set aside, let cool, cut up

  • Toss all your chopped up veggies and chopped up bacon or sausage in a skillet over medium heat

  • I use another skillet to get my eggs cooked over medium (you can crack the eggs right into the veggies if you want it all scrambled up together)

  • You will need another skillet to heat the tortillas

  • Once everything is cooked, place tortilla on place and load it up! I like to use the tortilla as a based and eat with a fork, not as an actual burrito or taco style

  • Top with avocado, banana peppers, habanero ranch, and/or anything else you'd like!

  • ENJOY!

How do you keep breakfast or brunch fun? I'm always looking to learn something new!

💜, jaci

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