Current Obsession: Smoothies

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Lately I've been so into making myself a filling smoothie for lunch. I add in a ton of greens to get in veggies, a little protein powder, blender bomb of choice for the day, and a few other things to make it tasty!

I love doing a smoothie because it's super quick, I can pack in veggies, and pick a flavor I'm feeling for the day. Then I can sit down and enjoy or pour and run out the door!

Building Your Smoothie:

Water or coconut water or maybe coffee! I don't usually do milk or nut milk because I feel like it weighs it down a little and adds some extra calories I don't need, but do what you prefer!

Plant-based protein powder - brand of choice! I do 1-2 scoops (12-24 grams of protein) depending on what the rest of my day looks like protein-wise. I like the plant-based because I can't

Bomb butter - this is good to add when you aren't doing milk or nut milk. It adds a little sweet and thickens the consistency. All real ingredients and no crappy fillers or artificial sweeteners so you've got nothing to worry about! Check out the details and order here.

Blender bomb of choice! Check them out here. There are so many flavors to go with any mood you're in or the original to use for literally any smoothie. They have all your essential amino acids, which make up proteins and it's what people who stay on a plant-based diet tend to miss out on all the essentials. It also takes all the little things you want to toss into a smoothie and puts it right into a ball you toss in a smoothie! No more pulling out your chia seeds, nuts, honey, flax seeds, etc and measuring and tossing in, it's all in this convenient ball! Again, all real ingredients so there's no concern about added junk in your smoothie!

Plus, the goal with the bombs is to have 5/week, they only sell them in 5 or 10 packs because they believe you should follow 80x20 lifestyle and not try to be 100% all the time. We're human and we want to have fun and not feel trapped and it's been such an amazing feeling not feeling like I need to find a way to make a smoothie every single day. I usually have a bomb smoothie Monday-Friday and enjoy my weekends having brunch! ( ;

Spinach & kale blend - or just spinach, or just kale, or maybe you have mixed spring greens! Load up the veggies in there because you can't even taste it!

Frozen riced vegetables. I've been loving the cauliflower, broccoli, carrot blend so I have a variety at once! This makes for a great ice substitute and adds an extra cup of veggies to your day! Frozen zucchini is supposed to be great as well, I haven't tried it yet though.

Fruit - depending on the day, sometimes maybe a frozen half banana, or a half cup of berries, or maybe none that day depending! You can also do things like peaches, pineapple, mango, whatever you like!

Extras - it could be some nut butter (butterfly nut butters are my current favs!)

Maybe you want part of an avocado - makes it creamy

Cacao powder if you're in a chocolate-y mood

I hope I've brought you all the smoothie inspo and share your favorite recipes!

Share your fav smoothie recipe below!!

I'm off to finish my smoothie now!

💜, jaci

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