Cozy Oatmeal Bowl for Cooler Weather

With the weather cooling down now I am still loving my Blender Bombs, just now over oatmeal!

My new obsession is Trader Joe’s classic oatmeal that already has chia seeds and flax seeds in it!

Just add water and heat, so simple.

While that cooks I prep my bowl with some hemp seeds, sliced banana, granola and sliced almonds, and brim or a Blender Bomb on top! Aloe & Irish Sea moss has been my go-to to crumble on top!

It is all the perfect combination of sweet, a crunch, the gooey texture of the bomb, and every bit filling and delicious.

Are you switching to oatmeal with the weather cooling down? What are your go-to toppings?

💜, jaci

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