Chicken Lettuce Wraps for the Win

I got a "really good" from my husband when I made these last week, which from him means I basically kicked ass. So I added them to the menu this week!

This is so great for a lower carb meal that still brings so much flavor. It's also so quick and easy to throw together; we're always here for that!

Also very few ingredients and nothing crazy! We always have these around so it was super simple to toss together.

Ingredients for 2

Head butter lettuce or romaine (whatever leaf you'd like to eat off of!)

6-8 ounces chicken, cooked and shredded

3 small mushrooms, diced (optional)

I like the mushrooms in mine and my husband isn't a fan, so I use two skillets to get it all cooked up and we each have our own portion.


3 tbsp Thai sauce

1 tbsp Peanut butter

1 tsp coconut aminos (it's like a soy sauce without the extra junk)

1 tsp water

*Adjust the portions depending on how spicy or peanut butter-y you want the sauce!


1. Mix up the sauce to your liking

2. Toss mushrooms and chicken into a skillet on medium heat

3. Add sauce and stir until coated

4. Rinse lettuce leaves and set on towel to dry

5. Once the chicken has the sauced cooked in and lettuce is dry, plate and enjoy!

It's seriously that easy! Super fast to make and very little mess.

This is a new staple I think we'll be having on a regular basis! I might even mix it up and add more veggies or make a rice bowl! So many options, don't be scared to get creative.

💜, jaci

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