Buy Those Flowers

Inspiration for today's quick blog post from my lovely husband. kisses. I sent him to the store to grab a few things last week and he came home with flowers for me as well! He knows I love to add a small bouquet to the kitchen counter, it brings me so much bliss it could be crazy.

Maybe I'm alone on this one, but many times I've walked by the small boutiques at the store and debated getting myself one but then I also say "No, Jaci, save the $10".

Guess what, you're worth that $10 boutique, or that candle or iced coffee or bath bomb. Treat yourself to those little things in life (my one tip: don't necessarily make it food based, food shouldn't be on a reward system).

Hopefully I'm not alone in how much joy I get by buying myself those little things, or it's even better when he just brings them home for me. Also, if you don't ever treat yourself to the little things at least once a month, start now. Go grab some flowers or a face mask before you check out and give yourself some self care. <3

Am I alone in having that great feeling on just seeing the flowers on a clean kitchen counter? Hope I'm not here being a crazy lady, but even if I am, I'll take it because it makes me happy! (:

What are you favorite little things to treat yourself with that just make you happy?

💜, jaci

p.s. I'm also not a roses girl, so he did perfect xo

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