Brush it Off

Let's get into some dry brushing.

I started dry brushing about a month and a half ago and I totally love it! My skin feels amazing and looks great and I just feel less inflamed and puffy. Maybe it's all in my head, but I really think it helped move some fluid and toxins out. So I thought I'd share some insight with you!

What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is a process of taking a brush with stiff bristles and using long strokes toward the heart to exfoliate dead skin cells and improve blood flow.

What are some benefits of dry brushing?

It's a great way to exfoliate your whole body which can lead to smoother, softer skin. Dry brushing can also stimulate the circulatory system to increase blood flow as well as helping to break up some fluid that could be clogging lymph nodes. All this extra circulation can all leave you with a clearer mind and more energy! It can also help unclog pores which can help with ingrown hairs and stimulating collagen growth. It is totally helped my cellulite, stretch marks, that puffy kind of feeling throughout by body, plus it make my skin feel amazing!

How do I dry brush?

Always before a shower. You don't want those fluffed off dead skins cells just hanging around.

I like to start at my feet and brush the top of my foot in an upward motion toward my ankle, then the bottom on my foot the same way. Move up the calves with long sweeping strokes upward toward the heart. When you get to your knee, or other joints, move in circular motions. I like to hold my arm up and continue to brush toward my heart. Continue towards your heart for your chest and back (as much as you can reach, or grab your partner to helps ya out). Once you're to your stomach, move in a clockwise circular motion.

How do I choose a brush?

Personally, I love mine that I got off Amazon after seeing Hilary Duff promote hers in Insta (check it out on Amazon here). You want one that is make with a natural bristle. You can find some with handles, a little holding strap, circle shape, or square; there are many different variations. Just find one that works well for you.

Don't forget to have self-care as part of your routine on the regular. Be sure to map out time in your day, at least 5 minutes, for you to enjoy something for yourself. Value yourself enough to make that time in your day.

💜, jaci

*Disclaimer Note: this is all from my own personal experience from dry brushing and on online researching before starting to dry brush. Always check with your doctor if you're concerned and if you have diabetes or a circulatory issue before starting.

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