Breakfast on the go!

I decided to give my usual breakfast a go for some of these early mornings I’ve been working. It was some extra evening effort but turned out great just quickly reheating at work!





Egg whites

Xtreme low carb tortilla

(or whatever veggies you want!)


1. Heat non-stick or greased skillet over medium temp and add cut up asparagus

2. Once asparagus is about halfway done, turn down the heat a touch and add mushrooms

3. Once the mushrooms are mostly cooked down toss in some am torn up spinach

4. Let spinach cook down and add about 6 Tbsp egg whites (I have an old protein scoop that is about 3 Tbsp so it’s easy to measure two of those)

5. Gently push tortilla onto the egg whites and veggies to get it to stick and cook over medium-low heat until it’s cooked and stick together! 6. Refrigerate and reheat for breakfast!

Mix up the veggies or add some salsa or hot sauce to mix it up! Obviously I enjoy mine with an iced coffee (;

💜, jaci

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