Ben Franklin Said It Best...

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” -Ben Franklin

I am such a firm believer that if something is truly important to you and a priority then you’ll do what it takes to achieve it.

You want to succeed? Are you still complaining about lack of progress but still not prepping your food or eating any vegetables? Guess what, over time even I lose sympathy. You have to put in at least some of the work to get any of the result you might want.

I know it isn't easy.

Set yourself up for success.

You’ll say no to the bad stuff and yes to the good; you’ll make the time in your schedule to take care of yourself; you’ll invest more in your own health. Where you spend your time and money says a lot about you. If you’re frequenting fast food joints and the bar it paints a much different picture then a gym membership, trainer, and a higher grocery store bill. It’s not easy but always worth it.

Make a plan.

Prep your meals.

Fill out your planner and to-do list with intention.

I pack all my bags and food the day before. I have clients who get the whole week ready and then even at 4:30 in the morning when you’re headed out you can roll out of bed, grab, and go.

Do you set yourself up for success? Drop your routine below!

💜, jaci

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