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Updated: Mar 25, 2021

A while back I listened to a podcast and really felt a connection with the guest that was on, Helen Hall. She spoke about her (several) companies she has started, human design, and having an 80x20 lifestyle. I felt like I really connected with it all. I've gone through trying different diets and trying to be so in control of life and food, it gave me more perspective to let go.

After that I went online and got myself some Blender Bombs to start having smoothies for lunch. Blender Bombs are amazing because they have all your essential fatty acids and essential amino acids (protein building blocks) all in a little ball of dates and flax and chia and goodness. You can pop them in a smoothie, eat it plain, or crumble on some oatmeal or yogurt. Check out my other blog post about Blender Bombs here and the Blender Bombs website here (you can use my link here to save 20%). They also make this amazing Bomb Butter to put in smoothies instead of using milk or a milk alternative. I think it has legit helped me save money because I'm not using a bunch of almond or oat milk every day in a smoothie.

Another company she made off the 80x20 lifestyle is 80x20 Market, an online store that puts intention behind your purchase and encourages getting the most out of life that makes us feel good. Check out the goods they have on the market here. (I can tell you the cookies are BOMB!)

Since being inspired, I have stopped being so obsessive about so many things in life (diet, being 100% organic, having meat or not having meat, sweet treats, getting enough exercise or steps, and I'm sure many other things). There is so much more to life then to care what others think or obsess over food and 80x20 has helped me find that.

I highly recommend checking out 80x20 Market to learn more or just search Helen Hall wherever you listen to podcasts to learn even more about it all! You can find them on Instagram as well! @blenderbombs @helenhall @hushupandhustle @80x20market You won't regret it!

💜, jaci

p.s. if you check out 80x20 market feel free to use my code Healthier10 to save! Or my referral link for Blender Bombs here. 💜

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