More About Me


Just a female sharing the wellness journey and all its struggles

My name is Jaci Hill, born and raised in rural Nebraska, and landed in the big town of Omaha (OK, so not THAT big, but bigger) with my high school sweetheart plus or pup, Cooper.


I think I've always loved things having to do with the human body and how it works, I started working out in high school when my parents got a family gym membership, I have no clue how I knew anything really about exercise, but I went, and I moved.


Through my journey in college I found anatomy and physiology and graduated in 2016 with a major in Exercise Science with a minor in Foods & Nutrition.

While in school I also did a basic yoga course and taught yoga in the rec to students and faculty my junior and senior year.

Since gradating in 2016, I've worked at Life Time here in Omaha helping others change their lives. I could not have asked for a better place to land and get a career started. Along the way I've continued my education through certifications and training to help me learn more to help my clients the best I can. 

American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

Functional Movement Screen Level 1 

International Sports Sciences Association Nutrition Coach

Balanced Body Mat 1 & Reformer 1

YogaFit Level 1 

I'm here to grow and expand by learning a life balance for myself and hopefully help others know they aren't alone. I'm still looking for where I should land in life, but I'll keep you tuned in while I am on this venture of life. 

My Vision

My goal is have this be a place for resources as well as relatable articles from me! I know health and fitness is a journey with many twists and turns and it isn't always easy physically or mentally, I want to open up with my own journey.

I am working on being plant-based and an 80x20 lifestyle. I don't ever want to be without any foods (ice cream, pizza, a burger, broccoli, potatoes) so it's all about balance, not perfection! 

We only have one body to live it, make it work as well as it can to be able to fully enjoy the ride.